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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 18, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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lonon to our "after the show show." "fox & friends." we'll talk to jennifer pharr davis and her book called "again" of her hike up the appalachian trail. >> make it a great day, everybody. fox news alert this morning. more big developments on the crisis in egypt right now. new anti-government marches are getting under way. this as the military deploys in full force. muslim brotherhood supporters barricaded inside the cairo mosque. the muslim brotherhood remains defiant this morning. more violence could come yet again today. good morning, everyone. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. it's going to be a busy morning here. these new demonstrations come as egypt's top leadership meets for crisis talks. officially considering a
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proposal to actually outlaw the muslim brotherhood. leyland vitter continues to follow this live. what about this new twist? >> reporter: good morning, jamie. it's very clear the mus lick brotherho brotherhood -- early this morning tanks, armored personnel, soldiers, all converged on the egyptian supreme court. that's where we're hearing the latest demonstrations are headed to. in the past muslim brotherhood gunmen have not only tried to come up to these buildings but actually stormed government buildings and take them over. that's what they were trying to do a couple of days ago. when they failed to take over a police station. and then went ahead and took over a local mosque, barricading themselves inside. over the past 48 hours or so, there was a large siege on that mosque. a lot of gunfire coming out from the the minaret where the gunmen has taken their position.
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going forward what happened is the army and police finally decided to fight their way in and then cleared things out with tear gas. interestingly enough when the security forces made their way out with a lot of the muslim brotherhood protesters, it was the security forces who were cheered for their actions here to try and clear things out. the government as you mentioned is also thinking of outlawing the muslim brotherhood. they have continued to round up huge numbers of the muslim brotherhood leadership and other known militants including this man. mohamed -- the government said it was most likely him who's been sort of inciting a lot of the arms resistance here and possibly is behind trying to get some of the extremists in the sinai peninsula who are very well armed to come support the muslim brotherhood marches in some type of jihadist attack. whether it be actually gunmen in
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the streets or some kind of bombings. egyptians were not too clear. today in cairo, though, the army is trying to get things a little bit back to normal. bank are open there. the stock market has opened there. as you see the bloodshed it's important to remember that the army still has widespread popular support. in fact, it's one of the more popular if not the most popular institution in egypt. there's a lot of stores and shops that have al sisi's poster up. there was just an olive branch extended by the army. they put on their facebook page, this is now how the egyptian army communicates, saying there is, quote, room for everybody in egypt. whether that is an olive branch or simply a statement, we have to wait and find out whether that makes any difference really on the street as those protests continue today. jamie? >> more on how that message is received coming up. thank you so much. good to see you. meantime, the european union is actually reacting to all of
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this chaos in egypt, saying it will, quote, urgently review its relations with the country. adding that they have set up their own crisis talks on the situation for later this week. we'll keep an eye on that. jamie, the question this morning, what is next? can washington exert any influence at all in cairo? u.s. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united states, fox news contributor joins us about this time every sunday. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric. glad to be with you. >> what do you predict could happen later today as if just reported the muslim brotherhood tries now to storm the supreme court? >> well, i think it's become clear in the past several days in particular, although i think it's been clear for a long time, that the muslim brotherhood is not a political party as we in the united states or the west more broadly understand that term. it's an armed militia. it's an armed ideology. and it's simply not going to accept as legitimate any egyptian government that it
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doesn't control. so i think the prospect for continued violence remains. i think it's just as much if not more the responsibility of the brotherhood as it is of the army. and i think it's important to understand that the army really has, i think, overwhelming support from the egyptian population. we're not yet in a civil war. hopefully that can be avoided. but that's as much up to the brotherhood as anybody else. we'll have to see if they understand the reality they face or if they continue to fight. >> do you think they'll be continuing to fight? they remain defiant. >> they certainly do. i think the presence of al zawah zawahri's brother shows that the radicals believe egypt is a critical struggle to win. i think another truth that's emerging here is that the story line that the muslim brotherhood is kind of a nice, moderate organization as opposed to the radicals in al qaeda simply doesn't hold water.
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i thipg there's a spectrum of opinion inside the brotherhood. i think some of it is just as radical, just as prone to terrorism as al qaeda. much of al qaeda's leadership and membership came from the brotherhood to begin with. >> now there are threats or the possibility the government could again outlaw the muslim brotherhood as it has been for decades. what do you predict will happen if they are, indeed, outlawed again? will they just go underground and wage their attacks that way? >> i think from the point of view of the majority of people of egypt and of the interim government they should outlaw the brotherhood as an institution, as an organization. but make it clear that people who voted for mohamed morsi in the last presidential election or consider themselves adherent to the brotherhood should be eligible to participate in egyptian politics. that may be a hard line to draw. but if you can break the organization and outlaw that, then i think there's a chance for reasonable disagreement
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within a constitutional framework of representative government. that would be the optimal objective for the army to pursue. whether they're able to do that or not, as i say, i really think depends more on the brotherhood's leadership than on the army. >> the military apparently is extending some type of olive branch this morning on facebook saying there is, quote, room for everyone. do you think that the muslim brotherhood will take that as it is? >> no. i don't think the brotherhood's going to buy that? the government wants control of the government of egypt. they don't want to participate in it as was demonstrated by mohamed morsi when he was president. they were engaged in a creeping kro coup. they were determined having gotten control of the government once they were never going to reling kwish it. i think what the military is trying to do is calm down some of the political leaders in the united states and europe who were upset about the carnage. i think we're all upset about the violence we've seen. the idea somehow this is
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exclusively the military's fault i think is a misreading of the situation. i think the military is trying to make it clear they would like to minimize the violence, too. if you have an element of society that won't recognize the authority of the government i think the military has very little choice. i think many of the pro-democracy, pro pwestern civilian leaders understand this point. >> what does the administration do? here's the front page of the "new york times." blunt and direct about what's happened there. how a u.s. push to defuse egypt ended in failure, barrage of diplomacy, despite 17 calls cairo chose confrontation. the egyptians brushed them off. we give them $1.3 billion a year in military aid. >> yeah. it's a devastating story. i think it shows the outcome of
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dithering, indecisiveness, weakness, vacillation and general poor performance in foreign policy. the egyptian military doesn't regard the obama administration as trustworthy or particularly dependable. therefore i think they essentially try and pay no attention to what the obama administration is saying. this is catastrophic for the united states. because we have real interest at stake in egypt, camp david peace accord with israel, suez canal, work against terrorism. we need to reach an understanding with the military here. because that's the government of egypt that's ultimately going to carry out policies that are consistent with american interest. not the muslim brotherhood. >> and we will have much more today on egypt on the edge. we'll look at general assisi in the next hour. ambassador bolton from las vegas this morning, always good to see you. thank you veryre learning some disturbing details on attacks
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against christian communities in egypt. islamics are storming dozens of christian coptic churches over the past four days. torching them and looting them. that is what you're seeing here. many of them are burning to the ground. as well, homes, schools and businesses are falling under attack. the muslim brotherhood denying any involvement in all of this. despite the violence the church says it's standing by the current egyptian leadership. a massive shipment of emergency aid is set to depart for troubled syria. the united nations head commissioner for refugees is putting all that together in dubai. that convoy are consist of 33 trucks loaded with essentials like shelter and tents and cooking equipment for the people. it will be the largest aid shipment sent to syria so far. it's all expected to help some 125,000 people who remain trapped by that violent conflict inside syria. back here at home a little bit of good news.
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extreme weather is actually helping to fan the flames of a large wildfire in central idaho but they are getting this under control. lightning sparked that fire 11 days ago. since then 2,300 homes had been evacuated. some residents are considering everything they left behind. >> when you get a chance to sit back and think about it, you remember all the things you didn't get out that you should have gotten out. and it's too late. >> we're hoping they get a break. live in the fox weather center. rick, what's the latest for these folks? >> a really rough situation across a lot of the west, really. there's just a long-term drought going on. so conditions are so dry, the tinder goes up into flames very, very quickly. not really getting any help from weather as far as any rain goes. you'd like to see more monsoonal moisture make its way into this area. we're not getting all that much right now. temperatures also have been very, very high.
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in fact, around 10 to 15 degrees above typical temperatures for the last couple of days. we're going to remain warm the next number of days. this beaver creek fire to the east of boise, they've got about 9% containment. you see almost 100,000 acres have burned. that's one of many large firing burning in idaho. two others are well over 100,000 acres burning. very rough conditions there. temperatures remaining warm. getting up to 96 in boise. one other story, very heavy rain across parts of florida. we've been seeing flooding going on. more rain over the next few days, another three to five inches. that means the waterlogged southeast not really catching a break. they're going to see a little more flooding threat at least throughout the day today. >> that's why i leave the weather to you, rick. i thought that rain was going over idaho. >> i wish it could. too much in one spot. not enough in the other. >> thank you so much. in san diego the campaign to kick mayor bob filner out of
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office, that is officially under way. today is the first day that organizers can collect signatures for a recall petition. it'll take 101,000 folks to sign that petition to force filner out of office and start a new election. so far 16 women have claimed mayor filner has made inappropriate sexual advances to them in the workplace. he, though, has refused to resign despite repeated calls to do just that from the entire city council and other public officials in san diego. how is your wallet feeling these days? just ahead of another looming budget showdown with congress there's new evidence that americans are not impress bid the president's plan to jump start our economy. there are new polls that show his approval rating on turning the economy around are sinking. but before leaving on vacation, the president toured our country, touting his ideas and promises for job creation, for reducing income inequality and
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much more. as he returns to the white house, what must the president do to restore confidence in our economic future? jamie weinstein, senior editor of "the daily caller." joining me now. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> where is consumer confidence right now on the president's ability to turn things around? >> poll numbers are not showing the american public is particularly high on president obama's economic performance. a new gallup poll showed 35% of americans think he is handling the economy appropriately. that was even before the big stock market drop last week. so, you know, the american people are just not seeing president obama performing the way they would like to see. >> when you see the major drop that we've seen in the markets and you see jobs and everything else still not moving as far as the president had hoped, what's the mess aage that he needs to send the american people? come up with new initiatives? new strategies? more spending? what's the right answer? >> you saw him talking before he left on vacation about, you
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know, economic inequality and raising the minimum wage. these type of things aren't going to create jobs. they don't create growth. it's kind of the same old, same old. i don't know exactly what the answer is. i think you have to lower regulation. try to unleash entrepreneurs. that's not the message he's giving out. it's unlikely when we see in the coming months when congress comes back into session those are the initiatives he'll be talking about. i think we'll see a lot of protracted debate over raising the debt ceiling. and the continuing resolution to fund the government. so i'm not seeing that these numbers are going to change very much in the near future. because i don't think there's going to be much change with what the economic solution is going to be coming out of the white house. >> well, is there a solution? because that continuing resolution has to be passed -- i believe it's september 30th. congress will come back. and the president has been touting that if congress doesn't get done what he wants, he's going to start to do more things on his own. what should the american people expect? >> i don't think the american people should like that. because a lot of the things that he's done on his own are
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questionably legal. in a sense, constitutionally legal. you have to deal with congress. congress is a part of our government. they have to fund things and approve things. the president has tried to use executive power to do certain things that, you know, congress wouldn't do. but i don't think the american people like when the president acts unilaterally. goes beyond what his constitutional mandate is and acts without consulting congress. he has to deal with congress and try to come up with a plan. there are things i think that are bipartisan he can do. reform the tax code that makes it less burdensome on businesses. i think there is some bipartisan support for that. that's not what he seems to want to focus and that he has been focusing on. we'll see what happens when congress comes back from vacation and he comes back from vacation. >> jamie, why do you think more isn't getting done? >> i think there's a wide gap between the two sides in congress and the president. i think the president sees what needs to be done differently than what congress does. he's also not known for being
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one who's very good at reaching out to congress. he doesn't like to deal with congress. people have compared him to bill clinton as the opposite. bill clinton liked dealing with people. he liked dealing with members of congress. president obama is in many ways more aloof than that. he doesn't really like to get down to the nitty-gritty of dealing with legislators. i think those are concerns. and that may have hampered some bipartisan consensus that we're seeing -- not seeing on capitol hill. >> coming up in our next hour we're going to take a look at what the markets did do this week and what the impact is on all of our retirement. thank you, jamie, for giving us the d.c. view on all of this. good to see you, always. eric? >> new reaction to the nsa surveillance scandal this morning. what senator rand paul is now saying about the latest privacy bomb shell and what senator paul says needs to be done. plus, this almost came out of nowhere. london police are announcing they've received new information about the death of princess diana. is it enough, though, for them
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an exclusive fox news sunday interview this morning kentucky senator rand paul talked about the new revelations about the
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national security agency's surveillance programs. there are now claims that the nsa actually violated the privacy of americans several thousand times a year since 2008. senator paul says the supreme court should decide whether the nsa is violating the constitution. >> one of the fundamental things that our founders put in place was they wanted to separate police power from the judiciary power. they didn't want police to write warrants. the nsa are a type of police. they wanted the judiciary. an independent, open judiciary response toive to the people wi open debate in public. i think the constitutionalty of these programs need to be questioned and there needs to be a supreme court decision that looks at whether or not what they're doing is constitutional or not. >> joining us now is john roberts, who's filling in for chris wallace this morning. good morning, john. >> one of the problems senator rand paul sees is that why the
7:23 am
intelligence surveillance court is the one that gives the nsa these blanket warrants they also do not have the power to initiate an independent investigation into compliance. he thinks that's something that needs to be looked at as well. it's pretty clear, eric, when congress comes back here to capitol hill in a couple of weeks it's going to be a big topic of discussion. i would expect, too, the subject of congressional hearings. another guest on the program today, congressman peter king of new york, doesn't see what all the fuss is about. he says when you look at the number of intercepts that the nsa engages in in the course of a year, which probably counts in the tens if not hundreds of millions, to have 2,776 privacy violations says is an infinitesimally small percentage. he thinks people need to back off in criticizing the nsa. >> the report says they intercepted thousands of calls from washington, d.c., because they apparently mixed up the area code. 202 is d.c. 20 is egypt. they thought it was egypt but it wasn't. it was washington, d.c. you know, how does -- do
7:24 am
officials stop this. >> initially, too, it was thought in washington, d.c., they had actually intercepted the content of phone calmls. that was not the case. they only intercepted the meta data who was making the calls where and to. there's no question this has raised a lot of concerns on capitol hill. even nancy pelosi says she is extremely disturbed by all of this. that there needs to be better oversight by the appropriate agencies. dennis kucinich, former congressman who was on our panel today, thinks it's absolutely outrageous. and that congress needs to be involved to ensure that there is proper oversight over the nsa. whether you're talking about it being the intelligence committee needs to be reported to on a regular basis or more broadly across congress, i think you're going to see a lot of calls in the next couple of weeks for there to be greater oversight of this nsa program. which may, to people who -- like congressman king who really believe in this program, jeopardyize it to some degree. if you're reporting to that many people how do you maintain
7:25 am
secrecy? he believes the internal reporting in the nsa via this audit which is what was made public by edward snowden is the appropriate course to take. >> of course, the balance between what the government must do, protects us from terrorism, and what is not allowed in the constitution. john, always good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you, eric. appreciate it. good to see you, too. >> for more of john's exclusive interview with kentucky senator rand paul it's only on "fox news sunday." talking with congressman peter king. fox news sunday right here on the fox news channel at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. today or check your local fox station where you live. you won't want to miss this either. there's a new study that claims the obesity epidemic in our country may be deadlier than anyone ever expected. why researchers say the widespread health problem could decrease the average life span of an entire generation of americans. the doctors are coming up in "sunday housecall." they're going to tell you how to take better care of yourself. that's next. so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up...
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well, we are going to get healthier this morning. dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at nyu's langone medical center. also author of "the inner pulse: unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> dr. saifd isdavid samadi. dr., go the shocking study about obesity is our country. they say obesity may be deadlier than people thought. according to new research it accounts for about 18% of all deaths in our nation. how obese or how fat do you have to be before you tip over that line that it's really unhealthy. >> let's start with the definition of what obesity is. we call it a body mass index of greater than 30.
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